National Test Abhyas

Cracking competitive examinations needs more than just having an in-depth knowledge of the concepts or understanding of the topics in the syllabus. Students need to manage their time efficiently during the exam to qualify. At the same time, speed without accuracy will yield no good results. Maximum score in the exam can only be achieved through effective time management using the following:
Tracking the time spent on each subject
Tracking the score in each subject
A test summary is generated and made available immediately after the test is completed and submitted. This report includes the score achieved, score percentage and question wise analysis and solutions along with subject-wise performance.
After you submit a test successfully, you will be directed to the “Exam Summary” that gives you the marks scored and the percentage.
Click “Questionwise Analysis and Solutions” button to see the number of correct, incorrect and unattempted questions in each subject.
The correct solutions of all the questions are provided in the “Questionwise Analysis and Solutions” section that would be unlocked after successful submission of the test only.